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Trey Lance Had Terrible Practice Sunday: NFL World Reacts

Trey Lance throwing a pass.

SANTA CLARA, CA - AUGUST 14: Trey Lance #5 of the San Francisco 49ers passes during the preseason game against the Kansas City Chiefs at Levi's Stadium on August 14, 2021 in Santa Clara, California. The Chiefs defeated the 49ers 19-16. (Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images)

With Trey Lance going into his first season as a starter, 49ers fans are going to hang on his every move this summer.

That means when Lance plays well, as he has at times during training camp, fans can dream about the former No. 3 overall pick taking the offense to a higher level this fall.

But when Lance struggles, as he reportedly did today, going 4-for-12 in what 49ers podcaster/writer Rob Lowder said was his "worst practice so far," it will cause some people to sound the alarm.

It's best to not react too much either way to training camp practices, but some fans are worried today. Others are shaking off Lance's rough day at the office, or wondering if the absence of his two starting offensive tackles played a role. 

To be fair, Lowder said that half of Lance's completed throws were noteworthy in a good way.

"One was a perfectly thrown ball to Deebo Samuel over the middle lofted just over the linebacker," Lowder said. "The other on a scramble left, arched it up and over a pursuing defender to keep the drive alive."

Lance has a lot of physical tools, but is still raw. That means he's going to have some days like today.

It's not time to panic yet, but if his struggles are pronounced during the regular season, it might be.