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Troy Aikman Reveals What Belichick Told Him About Jimmy Garoppolo

fox NFL analyst troy aikman down on the field

NEW ORLEANS, LA - NOVEMBER 04: Hall of Fame quarterback and Fox Sports analyst Troy Aikman attends the game between the Los Angeles Rams and the New Orleans Saints at Mercedes-Benz Superdome on November 4, 2018 in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)

There are several Jimmy Garoppolo critics out there in the football community, but Troy Aikman certainly isn't one of them. In fact, the Hall of Famer is fairly confident in the San Francisco 49ers quarterback.

Garoppolo only attempted eight passes during the NFC Championship. Critics immediately said he didn't pass the ball often because the 49ers don't trust him.

Even though Garoppolo has been extremely efficient in late-game situations for San Francisco, it doesn't seem like he receives enough respect.

Aikman doesn't necessarily need to see Garoppolo dominate on a weekly basis to have faith in him. All he needs to know is that Bill Belichick thinks highly of the Eastern Illinois product.

The fact that Belichick wanted Garoppolo to be Tom Brady's successor has resulted in Aikman singing his praises.

From NBC Sports:

"If something were to happen to Tom Brady, he said he felt they could win with Jimmy Garoppolo," Aikman said. "And when Bill Belichick says win, that doesn’t mean win Week 3. That means, win it all. I thought it spoke volumes for the respect that he had for him.”

New England ultimately decided to trade Garoppolo and the rest is history. The Patriots won another championship under Brady, meanwhile the 49ers found the right signal-caller to run Kyle Shanahan's offense.

Garoppolo will have the chance to silence all his doubters on Sunday when the 49ers face the Chiefs in the Super Bowl.