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Here's The "Dirty" Richard Sherman Play Everyone Is Talking About

Richard Sherman had a dirty hit on Sunday.

Here's the "dirty" Richard Sherman play everyone is talking about from Monday night's Seattle Seahawks vs. Buffalo Bills game.

The Seahawks held off the Bills on Monday night in a thriller, and of course, along the way, there were a few controversial calls. One particular play - near the end of the first half - has Bills fans, and Rex Ryan, up in arms.

With just a few seconds left in the first half, the Bills lined up for a field goal to try to cut the Seahawks' lead to 28-20, but Seattle's Richard Sherman ran offsides and absolutely clocked Buffalo kicker Dan Carpenter as he tried to kick the ball. The offsides call led to a bizarre series of events, including Buffalo eventually not scoring before the end of the half. But fans seem to have more of a problem with Sherman's decision to hit the kicker instead of trying to block the kick.

Here's video:

Sherman, after the contest, said he was trying to get to the ball. 

"It wasn't a dirty play. I'm a pro. I've been in this league long enough. I know how hard it is to play. When you go for a block, that's what you do. You go for a block. Even if I was offsides, you still stop the play. You're not going to let him just kick the ball freely and let him have a free play. He could have made the decision not to kick the ball. He saw the flag before I did. He has a better vantage point than any of us."

After watching the video, however, it's hard to believe.

Predictably, Bills head coach Rex Ryan was less than thrilled with the situation.

What do you think? Was Sherman's hit dirty or just part of the game?