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Frank Clark Apologizes To Writer After Lashing Out Following Domestic Violence Story

On Tuesday night, Seattle Seahawks defensive end Frank Clark bashed Bleacher Report's Natalie Weiner over a piece about Greg Hardy and domestic violence in the NFL. He has now apologized.

The feature did not mention Clark, who was drafted by Seattle despite his own domestic violence incident while at Michigan. Weiner, a Seahawks fan, had previously written an article for SB Nation's Field Gulls admonishing the franchise for drafting Clark in light of the innocent, which led to his arrest and removal from Michigan football. He eventually plead no contest to a lesser charge.

Still, Clark blasted Weiner on Twitter, telling her that she would lose her job.

Clark quickly deleted the tweet, and has now apologized twice, once late on Tuesday night, and in a lengthier note on Wednesday.

According to the The Seattle Times, the Seahawks said they spoke to Clark about his tweets, and "expressed extreme disappointment with his judgement."

We can only hope that Clark's apology is genuine.