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Jarran Reed Tweeted That Jags Fans Called Quinton Jefferson The N-Word

Seahawks DL Quinton Jefferson confronts fan.

One Seahawks player claims Jags fans crossed the line on Sunday.

Sunday afternoon, near the end of the contest between Seattle and Jacksonville, Seahawks defensive end Quinton Jefferson got into it with a few fans as he attempted to exit the field. Jefferson had a drink thrown at him, and after a great deal of jawing back-and-forth, he attempted to enter the stands to confront the perpetrators. He was pulled back by staff, luckily.

After the game, his teammate, Jarran Reed, took to Twitter to suggest that Jefferson had been called the n-word by fans in the stands. Reed's account is set to private, but a screenshot of the tweet has been floating around. Reed says he would have tried to enter the stands too.

Jefferson, for what it's worth, has said nothing about any racist behavior from the fans.

Jefferson will definitely be asked about Reed's tweet in the coming days. It feels like there's still a lot to unpack here.