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Watch: Seahawks' Paul Richardson Makes Absolutely Absurd One-Handed Touchdown Catch

Paul Richardson makes a great catch against Detroit.


Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Paul Richardson isn't a household name, but the touchdown catch he made in tonight's playoff game may put him on the map.

While being pretty blatantly interfered with by Tavon Wilson, Richardson reached down with one hand to pull in Russell Wilson's pass, and put the first points of the game on the board for the Seahawks. His aggressive celebration was appropriate, because goodness, what a catch this was.

You're gonna want to let this one loop a few times.

Richardson, a third year player out of Colorado, caught 21 passes for 288 yards and one touchdown during the regular season. A few more catches like that, however, and he's going to find himself with a bit more of a place in the game plan.

The Seahawks lead the Lions 7-0 with six minutes remaining in the first half.