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Seahawks Clear Up The Russell Wilson Trade Rumors

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson on Sunday against Buffalo.

ORCHARD PARK, NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 08: Russell Wilson #3 of the Seattle Seahawks passes during the first half against the Buffalo Bills at Bills Stadium on November 08, 2020 in Orchard Park, New York. (Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images)

After the 2020 season came to a close, Russell Wilson made headlines with how he talked about the Seattle Seahawks.

The Super Bowl-winning quarterback suggested the Seahawks didn't do enough to protect him. The most-hit quarterback since he entered the league, Wilson was clearly fed up.

In fact, he even floated a list of four teams he would accept a trade to, via his agent. The Seahawks quarterback admitted earlier this year he'd only like to be traded to the Chicago Bears, Dallas Cowboys, Las Vegas Raiders or New Orleans Saints.

On Wednesday afternoon, Seahawks general manager John Schneider made it clear he never spoke to other teams about trying to trade the team's franchise quarterback.

"I never actively negotiated with anybody," he told reporters today.

It's probably a good idea to hang on to a quarterback that led the franchise to two Super Bowl appearances and is widely considered a top-five quarterback in the league.

The offseason hasn't been kind to the Seahawks, who lost to the Los Angeles Rams in the Wild Card round of the postseason. Seattle fans don't have much to look forward to during the 2021 NFL draft this weekend. The team owns just three draft picks during the entire weekend.

Of course, when your team has Russell Wilson, you always have a chance.

Don't worry, Seahawks fans, Wilson isn't going anywhere.