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Very Fake Photo Of Seahawks Burning American Flag Going Viral

A standard post-game locker room celebration photo was very clearly edited to depict the Seattle Seahawks burning an American flag, and the fake image is now going viral.

The Seahawks feature outspoken players like Doug Baldwin, Michael Bennett, and Richard Sherman who have been among the most prominent figures during the league-wide protests this season.

That makes them a pretty easy target for those who try to discredit the actual message of the protests.

Now, an image of the Seahawks locker room, in which the team is joyously celebrating around Bennett after what I assume is a win, has been altered to show the star defensive end with a burning American flag, and it is going viral on social media.

Buzzfeed found the image on a Facebook page called Vets for Trump, which has over 124,000 likes. The post itself has over 3,000 shares, 1,800 reactions, and 1,500 comments in just 14 hours.

Not only is it clearly an altered photo, but the Seahawks lost their last game to the Tennessee Titans 33-27. The thought that the team would not only burn a flag in the locker room, but do it after a tough six-point loss, is pretty absurd.

Here is the actual photo, via Buzzfeed:

People certainly have the right to disagree with the protests that Bennett, and other NFL stars, have conducted, and can stop watching football if they so choose, but hopefully they do so with accurate information, and aren't being duped by ridiculous photoshops like this.