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Seattle Seahawks DE Michael Bennett Threatens Boycott Of Local Newspaper Over Column

Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett is not happy with the Seattle Times.

Yesterday, Seattle Times writer Matt Calkins published a column entitled "Seahawks’ Michael Bennett does great things, but why the immaturity?"

The overall tenor of the column was complimentary of Bennett's play on the field and activism and charity work off of it. It praised his outspokenness and willingness to help others.

But it did criticize some of what Calkins deemed immaturity. Here's a snippet of that section:

So props there. Props for everything above. It’s just that. … I still can’t get some images out of my head.

I was 10 feet away from Bennett after that playoff loss to the Falcons when he ripped into a reporter for asking a fair question about the pass rush. He called him a “non-playing (expletive)” and asked what kind of adversity he’d been through, implying that there was no way it could be on par with an NFL player.

Well, that reporter survived cancer, which Bennett obviously didn’t know. But the fact that he never apologized or even acknowledged it reeks of immaturity.

This was the same Bennett who, earlier that day, blasted through a Falcons offensive lineman while he was in victory formation. It’s the same Bennett who cracks at least one sex joke per interview, consistently tries to demean the media, and who is now in a war of words with ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith.

Bennett clearly took exception to this portion of the article. He tweeted about it, expressing his desire to boycott speaking to the Times' writers.

He added that he will encourage his teammates to do the same.

Calkins responded to Bennett's tweet as well.

The full column can be read here. You decide whether Bennett is right to be as angry as he is, or if he overreacted.

Either way, we'd bet that this eventually gets resolved before the season starts.