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Report: NFL Could Change Controversial Replay Rule

Missed pass interference penalty in Ravens-Texans

In a direct response of the controversial NFC Championship Game between the Rams and Saints, the NFL introduced a new rule in 2019 allowing officials to review pass interference plays. The rule had a direct impact on the outcome of several NFL games, and not without a great deal of controversy. Now it looks like the NFL isn't entirely sold on making it a permanent part of the game.

Speaking to's Judy Battista, Atlanta Falcons president Rich McKay revealed that the league is reviewing its deployment of the rule. Apparently, the league is putting all options on the table with regards to the rule. They will debate giving it another year as it is, doing away with it, or tweaking it.

McKay said that the league found officials were using a subjective standard on a subjective rule. As a result, the members are doing a cost-benefit analysis of keeping it.

Many fans and pundits found that the new rule ultimately didn't do anything but obscure the outcome of the game.

During a Ravens-Texans game back in November, a seemingly blatant hold on DeAndre Hopkins in the endzone yielded no flag. Texans head coach Bill O'Brien challenged the call, but the no flag was still upheld.

There was further controversy over the rule's usage the following month in a Jets-Dolphins game. In the final minute of the game, Jets wide receiver Vyncint Smith couldn't secure a pass on 3rd-and-18, and it fell incomplete. But the booth reviewed the play and found that Dolphins cornerback Nik Needham pulled on Smith. The Jets got new life in Dolphins territory and won the game four plays later.

The NFL is trying to get every play right, but can never seem to get there exactly.

What should the league do with the PI rule?