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NFL Chief Medical Officer Comments On Idea Of A 'Bubble'

Bill Vinovich and other referees stand on field around NFL logo before a game.

ATLANTA, GA - OCTOBER 23: Members of the NFL Referee crew Michael Banks #72, Greg Meyer #78, Bruce Stritesky #102, Phil McKinnely #110, Head Referee Bill Vinovich #52, Mark Perlman #9, and Gary Cavaletto #60 (L-R) pose for a photograph before the game between Atlanta Falcons and the San Diego Chargers before the game at the Georgia Dome on October 23, 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)

The NBA is playing in a 'bubble' to protect player health, so why can't the NFL choose to do the same for the 2020 season?

Adam Silver's 2020 season plans have been applauded by fans and analysts. The NBA has been out of commission since early March due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But the season will soon resume thanks to Silver's plans, implementing strict protocol in the Orlando bubble to protect the players.

Meanwhile, Roger Goodell and the NFL have had months to prepare for the 2020 season, but have seemingly made plans at the last minute. It's mind-boggling the NFL has taken so long to come up with adequate plans for this upcoming season.

Some are advocating the NFL construct some sort of bubble, similar to that of the NBA. NFL chief medical officer Dr. Allen Sills has offered his thoughts on the idea.

"When you talk about a ‘bubble,’ people define that term differently,” Dr. Allen Sills said, via Pro Football Talk. “Some people define it one way and others define it another way. We would say that we already have a virtual football bubble, because as we said before, everyone in our team environment shares the same risk, but they share the same responsibility to each other. At the facility, they share a responsibility for what they’re doing, but they also share a responsibility when they’re away from the facility.”

The NFL plans to employ a similar strategy to that of Major League Baseball.

But even Major League Baseball has already run into problems.

Eleven members of Miami Marlins tested positive for COVID-19 on Monday. The team outbreak could have an impact on the 2020 season.

The NFL would be wise to track the progress of both the NBA and MLB and employ the league's most successful tactics.