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Report: NFL Fines Antonio Brown For Touchdown Celebration Against Chiefs

Antonio Brown celebrating a touchdown.


Antonio Brown has been fined for the second time this season for his touchdown celebration antics.

Per ESPN, Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown has been fined $24,309 for his touchdown celebration dance against Kansas City this past Sunday.

The NFL has a rule against "sexually suggestive" behavior on the field which certainly doesn't help Brown and his celebratory dance's cause.

Brown was also fined in Week 1 after twerking in the end zone after scoring a touchdown.

Brown's teammate, Ramon Foster, has voiced his opinion on the matter and toward NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, saying "that's what happens when you give someone [commissioner Roger Goodell] total power. There are other guys who have done worse. AB's just having fun. Don't make it the 'No Fun League.'"

It's bad news for Brown and any other playmakers that want to celebrate touchdowns and big plays because the "No Fun League" always wins.

Brown's moves are pretty serious.