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NFL Owners Will Meet Next Week, Discuss The National Anthem

The NFL owners will discuss what to do with the national anthem.

The NFL's owners are going to meet next week and the national anthem will be a heavy topic of discussion.

Players kneeling or standing during the national anthem has been the biggest storyline of the 2017 season, with the President of the United States getting seriously involved.

The NFL's game rules says players "should" stand for the national anthem, but to this point, there's been no discipline for those who don't. Jerry Jones said his players will be punished if they "disrespect" the flag, though none have.

What to do with the national anthem moving forward is expected to be the main topic of discussion when the owners meet next week.

The NFL's spokesman did say that the league as a whole feels it's time to get back to football.

Will some kind of official decision be made regarding all of this, though?

It sounds like it could.