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NFL Owners Reportedly Make Major Decision Regarding Preseason Schedule

A view of the Colts stadium from the end zone.

INDIANAPOLIS - AUGUST 24: A general view of the interior of Lucas Oil Stadium, the new home of the Indianapolis Colts, before a pre-season game between the Colts and the Buffalo Bills on August 24, 2008 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

We knew the NFL was making changes to its preseason schedule this year. It was just a matter of how much they altered it.

The NFLPA strongly opposed any preseason games this summer due to COVID-19. It appears that opposition has been heard by the NFL owners.

The preseason schedule has already been deemed unnecessary prior to the unique circumstances surrounding the upcoming season. Four weeks of preseason football is too lengthy, according to most players.

The NFL owners originally proposed for each team to play one preseason game this year. But the NFLPA balked at that proposal.

Now, it appears there won't be a preseason at all ahead of the 2020 season, per ESPN's NFL insider Adam Schefter.

Zero preseason games buys the NFL and its players more time to get organized in the midst of the pandemic. COVID-19 testing must be frequent and adequate before contact-play can begin.

The NFLPA will absolutely accept the NFL's offer to play zero preseason games considering that was the NFLPA's original request.

The only players this new implementation will potentially hurt are the players at risk of not making official team rosters ahead of the season. The preseason acts as a tryout for most rookies. Without said tryout, it's going to be tough for rookies to make an impression from preseason practices alone.

If the NFLPA accepts the NFL's offer - which it likely will - the first NFL football of the 2020 season will take place on September 10.