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NFL Player Suing United Airlines After Alleged Sexual Harassment By Other Passenger

United Airlanes plane in Virginia.

ARLINGTON, VA - MAY 05: A United Airlines plane sits at a gate Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, May 5, 2020 in Arlington, Virginia. According to leaked internal memos, United Airlines plans to cut at least 3,400 management and administrative positions in October and potentially lay off up to 30 percent of their pilots. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

An unnamed NFL player and another man are suing United Airlines after what sounds like a pretty awful cross-country flying experience. According to the lawsuit, flight attendants failed to move a female passenger who harassed the athlete.

According to Bleacher Report's Master Tesfatsion, the incident took place on a Feb. 10 red-eye flight from Los Angeles to Newark. The player has chosen not to reveal his identity.

Per the report, the woman removed the player's facemask, which was being worn for health concerns, without his consent, after telling him he looked "frightening" with it on. She went on to allegedly grab the man's genitals. It took four complaints by the NFL player and another man in the row before she was moved.

"Our wish would be that in the future no passengers' multiple warnings and complaints to flight attendants, the onboard authority figures, will go unheaded until it's too late and the damage has been done," wrote Darwish and Azizian Law Firms in their joint statement about the lawsuit. "United has an obligation to keep its passengers safe."

"This matter is about accountability; not just from United but the assailant as well," the statement goes on to read. "Those with a duty to others should be held accountable for their failures to uphold their responsibilities."

Based on Tesfatsion's report of the incident, this sounds like horrendous conduct by the woman, and something that could have been handled more proactively.

We'll have more on the incident as it comes out.