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NFL Reporter Thinks Dez Bryant Is "Holding Out" For This Team

Dez Bryant celebrates after a touchdown.

Dez Bryant was released by the Dallas Cowboys in mid-April after eight seasons with the team, and according to multiple reports, he turned down a solid offer.

Bryant, 29, reportedly turned down an offer worth an average annual salary of $7 million from the Baltimore Ravens. Over a month after he was released from the Cowboys, though, he's yet to sign a deal with a new team.

Dez reportedly only wants a one-year deal where he can prove his worth to an organization.

According to Jane Slater of, he's holding out for one specific team: the New York Giants.

Right now, it’s a little bit about revenge. I think he’s holding out to see if New York happens to have a need come training camp, and I have to tell you that selfishly, I’d like to see Dez in this division.

Covering the Cowboys as much as I do, because I think that he’d make a matchup that’s already entertaining now that we have Saquon Barkley and Ezekiel Elliott, now adding Dez Bryant, and I think you have a really interesting division.

Bryant teased that he wanted to play the Cowboys twice during the 2018 season and a roster spot with the Giants would secure that opportunity.

Is he headed to a division rival? It certainly would make for an interesting storyline.