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NFL Reveals If Refs Missed Penalty In Patriots vs. Jets

Patriots block in the back doesn't get called.


The New England Patriots beat the New York Jets, 10-3, on a game-winning punt return for a touchdown on Sunday afternoon.

But the referees appeared to miss a block in the back on the Patriots on the game-winning score.

That's what most of the NFL World thought, anyway.

The NFL, though, says otherwise.

According to the league, the officials made the correct decision in not throwing a penalty flag.

From Pro Football Talk:

But was it a legal block? It looked like it was a block in the back. The league says it was not.

Per the NFL, the key is the direction which the force originated from. The officials determined the block originated from the side, and so they did not throw a flag.

Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio isn't convinced, though.

"Watch the video. Watch it again. Initial contact may have come from the side, but Wilson instantaneously (if not simultaneously) shoved Hardee in the back, too. With at least one hand, possibly two. The shove in the back (not the side) is what put Hardee on the ground," he wrote.

Regardless, the Patriots beat the Jets, 10-3, on Sunday afternoon.