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NFL World Encouraged By Aaron Rodgers Family News

Aaron Rodgers and Mallory Edens watch Game 2 of the Bucks vs. Bulls series in 2022.

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN - APRIL 20: (L-R) Randall Cobb, Aaron Rodgers and Mallory Edens watch Game Two of the Eastern Conference First Round Playoffs between the Milwaukee Bucks and the Chicago Bulls at Fiserv Forum on April 20, 2022 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

At some point during his professional football career, Aaron Rodgers had a falling out with his immediate family.

It's unclear what exactly sparked the falling out, though it's believed that it happened at some point during Rodgers' relationship with Olivia Munn.

While Rodgers' family relationship needs fixing, it's something that he's now open to.

"I do believe in healing and I believe in the possibility of reconciliation at some point," Rodgers said on the "Aubrey Marcus Podcast" this week. "But, it's a different journey for all of us, and to judge on the outside about what should be or what it should look like, or who's wrong or who's right is just a game I've never wanted to play and still don't want to play."

"The most important thing for me is deep love and gratitude for them, and for the lessons I learned, and for the way I was raised, and hope for the future," he added.

"But, who knows what that future is gonna look like, when it's gonna look like, when time is gonna come."

Fans are encouraged by the news.

"He better get to it asap. No one is getting younger," one fan wrote.

"Let me tell you. I’m on the parent side of estrangement. I can’t tell u the reason my daughter chose this. It’s been 10 yrs now. Haven’t met my 2 grandkids ages 4 and 7. I’m 59. Not getting younger. Everyone deserves a 2nd chance!! My heart is 4ever broken!!" another fan added.

"It’s all good either way. Nobody will understand these type of situations except the one person going through it. Not every family is the same , some stuff never gets better. Sometimes you have to distance yourself and sooner the better!" another fan added.

"Most of us have problems with family. I swear when others come into the family, instead of being a bigger family, it causes who does not like who came in and it just spreads. Even Prince William and Harry have issues. Aaron, I truly hope they meet you half way," one fan wrote.

Hopefully things will work out.