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NFL World Is Furious With ESPN Analyst's Comment

ESPN analysts on "Monday Night Football."


ESPN NFL analyst Booger McFarland is trending for what he said about Zach Wilson on Monday Night Countdown.

McFarland, essentially, said that Wilson is unable to take accountability for his poor play because he grew up with wealthy parents.

“Let’s understand who this young man is before we ask him to accept accountability,” McFarland said. “He’s a young man who grew up with a lot of money. I don’t think he’s ever had to accept accountability. So now on the biggest stage we want this quarterback to accept accountability.”

While Wilson has struggled to take accountability, it seems like a jump to blame that on his upbringing. We don't really know why he's failed to take accountability. 

"So if you grow up with money or from a successful family you can’t have accountability ? Bananas take here." one fan wrote.

"Booger McFarland is the worst football analyst on TV," one fan added.

"Booger McFarland on why Zach Wilson struggled on Sunday: “He grew up with a lot of money.” How this man is still on television is beyond me," another fan wrote.

"Booger McFarland just called Zach Wilson out for growing up with a lot of money and said that’s why he can’t take accountability because he’s never had to 😬," one fan added.

Not everyone was upset, though.

"Booger McFarland speaking facts about Zach Wilson. Wilson doesn’t have that dog in him, he’s been pampered his entire athletic career," one fan said.

Is McFarland right?