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NFL World Reacts To Controversial Halftime Show

Bebe Rexha performs at halftime on Thanksgiving.

DETROIT, MI - NOVEMBER 24: Bebe Rexha performs at halftime of the game between the Detroit Lions versus the Buffalo Bills on Thursday November 24, 2022 at Ford Field in Detroit, MI. (Photo by Steven King/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

The NFL World didn't seem too pleased by the Thanksgiving Day halftime show on Thursday.

Bebe Rexha performed at halftime of the Detroit Lions vs. Buffalo Bills game on Thursday afternoon.

According to fans in the stadium, the halftime show performance got booed pretty heavily.

NFL fans weren't happy with the controversial location of the halftime show performance.

"It’s the fact that they put the stage all the way in the corner where no one can see it. They did the same thing last year with Big Sean," one fan wrote.

"Directed at the lions for having the stage face the concourse," one fan added.

"Wasn’t even the concourse. There was a backdrop and cameras. She was facing a tarp and cameras with back to the crowd," one fan added.

Video of the performance has gone viral, too.

Rexha's performance didn't even appear to be that visible to those in the crowd.

Do better next time, NFL.