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NFL World Reacts To Controversial Herschel Walker News

Former Georgia running back Herschel Walker looks on from the sidelines as a spectator during a game.

ATHENS, GA - SEPTEMBER 11: Former running back Herschel Walker for the Georgia Bulldogs on the sidelines against the UAB Blazers in the first half at Sanford Stadium on September 11, 2021 in Athens, Georgia. (Photo by Brett Davis/Getty Images)

Former college football and NFL star Herschel Walker continues to face criticism on the campaign trail.

Walker, who's running for a U.S. Senate seat out of Georgia, is making a push for a big seat in the government, thanks to some help and promotion from former president Donald Trump.

However, the former college football and NFL star has plenty of critics, too.

Walker has been criticized heavily for some of his alleged past actions.

"Herschel Walker likes to say he's been transparent about his past violence & that he explored it in his book. But he often dodges questions about his abusive behavior and his book makes no direct mention of violence directed at his ex-wife," the AJC reports.

Walker, who has little background in politics, has been making waves on the campaign trail.

"So you're saying he's a liar? Shocking!" one fan wrote.

"Yet Warnock is so bad that this guy is going to win," one fan suggested of Walker's opponent.

"Numerous incidents of DOCUMENTED violence & abuse against women should be an automatic disqualification for any public office. Unless you’re being used as an unknowing pawn in the republican attempt to seize power at any cost," one fan added.

It's going to be an interesting race, that's for sure.