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NFL World Reacts To Kay Adams Flirting Video

Kay Adams on NFL Network prior to her last day of hosting the Good Morning Football show.

Good Morning Football.

A clip from Kay Adams' new Fanduel show went viral on social media last week.

Adams welcomed fellow Fanduel employee Shams Charania onto her set. The two discussed a number of topics, including Charania's lack of a social media.

Charania admitted that he's had to put pretty much everything else to the side while he commits to his basketball scoops career. Adams then had a flirty response.

"So, when we have kids..." she said before laughing.

In the everlasting Shams vs. Woj debate, this is a major point to Shams, right?

"Shams so used to hearing about "when are you going to have kids" from older Indian relatives he reflexively went to the response," one fan joked.

"I always knew shams was better than woj," another fan added.

"Shams a better man than me. I would’ve folded right on the spot," one fan added.

"Woj has 24 hours to respond," another fan wrote.

"This is what we mean when we say if a woman is into you she'll show it lmao," one fan added.

Good for Shams.