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NFL World Reacts To Roger Goodell Appeal News

roger goodell speaks to nfl reporters

ATLANTA, GA - JANUARY 30: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell speaks during a press conference during Super Bowl LIII Week at the NFL Media Center inside the Georgia W orld Congress Center on January 30, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images)

The NFL has appealed the six-game suspension issued to Deshaun Watson by Judge Sue L. Robinson.

Per an ESPN report, the NFL is seeking an indefinite suspension of at least one full season for the Cleveland Browns quarterback, who has settled 23 of 24 civil lawsuits alleging sexual assault and harassment.

The current collective bargaining agreement allows Roger Goodell to decide who will hear the appeal, but the commissioner will not leverage the option to oversee the case himself.

According to Pro Football Talk, Goodell will pick someone outside the league office.

Lawyer Darren Heitner explained that Goodell's decision would make it "much more difficult" for Watson and the NFL Players Association to take the case to federal court, which typically doesn't get involved with a collectively bargained arbitration process.

However, fans noted the oddity of Goodell assigning the appeal to a third party when a retired federal judge made a ruling following a disciplinary hearing.

Fans are also questioning the impartiality of Goodell's choice.

If Goodell's pick levies a harsher punishment, the NFLPA could take the issue to federal court and seek a temporary restraining order to keep Watson on the field before a resolution is reached.