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NFL World Reacts To The Warren Moon Controversy

NFL Hall of Famer Warren Moon on the field during a celebrity game.

MIAMI BEACH, FL - FEBRUARY 06: NFL Hall of Famer Warren Moon attends DIRECTV's 4th Annual Celebrity Beach Bowl on February 6, 2010 in Miami Beach, Florida. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/WireImage)

NFL Hall of Famer Warren Moon is speaking out following the news about Kyler Murray's "homework" contract clause.

The Cardinals had a homework clause in Murray's blockbuster contract extension, requiring four hours of independent study per week for the star quarterback.

Arizona's odd contract clause drew a lot of criticism and was later removed.

Moon believes it was a slap in the face to Black quarterbacks everywhere.

“It’s something we were always accused of back in the day when they didn’t let us play,” Moon said. “That we were lazy, that we didn’t study, that we couldn’t be leaders, that we weren’t smart. So all those different things just kind of came to surface after we put all that stuff to bed over the years and just because of this deal that’s going on between Arizona and Kyler.”

Moon isn't sure if Murray will ever get past this.

“The damage has been done,” Moon said. “He’ll have this riding on him every time he does something wrong in a football game. They’re going to say, ‘See, that’s the reason why that happened is because he didn’t study enough film last week,’ or whatever it might be. . . . It’s a very unfortunate situation for him and very embarrassing for both sides.”

Not everyone agrees with Moon. After all, the Cardinals put that clause into Murray's contract for a reason.

However, even quarterbacks like Patrick Mahomes believe that Black quarterbacks are treated differently.

Murray, meanwhile, is moving forward after speaking to the media earlier this week.