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Patrick Mahomes' Wife Furious With The Refs On Sunday

Patrick Mahomes' girlfriend at the Patriots game.


The Cincinnati Bengals are currently leading the Kansas City Chiefs, 14-3, on Sunday afternoon.

It's early, but Chiefs fans are already pretty upset with the officiating on Sunday afternoon in Cincinnati.

A couple of questionable calls have gone against the Chiefs in the first half. Patrick Mahomes' wife is noticing.

Brittany Mahomes, who recently gave birth to she and Patrick's second child, took to social media.

"I mean at this point it’s just a joke. We can never catch a break," she tweeted.

Brittany even shared a photoshopped image of a referee. The NFL can't like that.


The Bengals are currently leading the Chiefs, 14-3, early in the first half on Sunday afternoon.

Cincinnati and Kansas City are playing on CBS. This is a rematch of the AFC Championship Game from last season.

Are the refs really to blame for the Chiefs early struggles on Sunday afternoon?