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NFL World Furious With Missed Penalty On Patriots Final Play

Missed penalty in the Patriots vs. Jets game on Sunday.

The New York Jets just lost in truly heartbreaking fashion, falling to the New England Patriots, 10-3, on Sunday afternoon.

It was a truly awful game, that featured basically no exciting plays, until the end of the contest. New England beat New York on a game-winning punt return.

But should the punt return have counted?

Officials appeared to miss a block in the back on the Patriots on the game-winning score. Jets fans - and the rest of the NFL - are not happy on Sunday.

Here's the final play:

NFL fans are not happy with the missed penalty.

"Fg prob would have been good but man that’s a very clear illegal block in the back they missed," one fan wrote.

"They should have thrown a flag for that illegal block and I feared it in real time. Even more obvious with the replay but we’ll take it. Amazing feeling," one fan added.

"How was that not an illegal block in the back?" another fan added.

"Of course the refs missed an illegal block in the back or just chose not to call it," one fan added.

"Imagine if they had called that illegal blindside block on the Patriots’ punt return TD!!!" one fan added.

Losses don't get much more heartbreaking than the one the Jets suffered on Sunday.