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Photo: Adidas Takes Shot At Cam Newton, Posts 'Kryptonite' Adizero Cleats, Then Deletes Tweet

Uni wars!

Update: Adidas has now decided to just roll with the tweet. Several hours later, after Cam Newton and the Panthers lost to the 49ers, the company has posted the Kryptonite cleats again:

Earlier: One of the greatest developments in sports in recent years is the burgeoning of uniform battles among teams. Sure, teams have always wanted to wear the sleekest uniforms around, but now they are more willing to mix and match and get creative with every bit of equipment, be it shoes, socks, gloves, facemasks -- you name it, it can be customized.

Today, Cam Newton made waves by rocking extremely colorful "SuperCam" cleats by Under Armour. He is one of the brand's biggest faces, and the Panthers' playoff matchup against the 49ers provided a great opportunity for Under Armour to showcase its creativity and style: 

The cleats are clearly awesome, but one brand didn't want to hear all about Under Armour this afternoon -- Adidas. The big-time competitor of UA decided to tweet out a pair of Kryptonite cleats (the ultimate weakness of Superman, of course) with the message "keep the cape":

Adidas thought better of the tweet afterward, because it was deleted within several minutes. It's really a shame that we don't have a 49ers defender wearing them on the field -- that'd be quite a super battle to behold.