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Pink Reveals What She Took Out Of Her Mouth Before Anthem

Pink singing at the Super Bowl.

Pink wasn't feeling well.

Alecia Beth Moore, commonly known as Pink, kicked off the Super Bowl on Sunday night. She sang the national anthem before the game.

Most of the conversation entering tonight was whether or not she would be able to sing. It was reported earlier this week that Pink was suffering through the flu.

The flu and singing don't commonly mix well. However, she knocked it out of the park, to the tune of a standing ovation after the anthem.

Many wondered how long her song would be. Vegas put the time at an even two minutes -- but Pink needed just one minute and 53 seconds to finish the anthem.

Before stepping up to the microphone, Pink removed something from her mouth. Many believed it was gum, or perhaps a cough drop to combat her illness.

She revealed the item on Twitter during the second quarter. No surprise here.

Philadelphia leads New England 22-12 at the half.