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Proposed Legislation Would Allow Fans To Bring Guns Into Sports Stadiums In Washington State

A proposed law would allow fans to bring guns into Washington state sports stadiums.

Legislators in the state of Washington have proposed a bill that would allow fans to bring guns into sports stadiums. Seattle's major stadiums, CenturyLink Field (Seattle Seahawks) and Safeco Field (Seattle Mariners), are in play for the bill.

According to the Washington Post, the bill is at odds with both the NFL and MLB security regulations. The proposal would prevent public stadiums from banning people with valid concealed carry licenses.

Safety is normally a major concern. At a time when fan violence seems to be at an all-time high, this proposal could make matters much worse. Just a few days ago, a brawl broke out during the Kansas City Chiefs and Oakland Raiders game.

Tensions are high when fandom and alcohol mix. All it takes is one bad decision for a brawl to turn into an obituary.

Amy Trask, a former executive with the Raiders who served on the NFL's security committee, spoke with the Washington Post about the proposed bill:

“If you are concerned about bringing your family to a game, then that is an issue. It’s not just an issue for one team; it’s an issue for all 32 teams. The teams know this. The league knows this.”

If the proposed bill passes in Washington, there's a chance the addition of guns could create a volatile environment.