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Chief Of Staff Reince Priebus Badly Fumbles Football Metaphor After Healthcare Bill Vote

Someone should probably tell Reince Priebus to stick to politics from now on.

This afternoon, the House of Representatives passed the American Health Care Act, sending it to the Senate. We'll leave the ramifications for others to handle, but there is a weird football angle here, and we cannot let it pass.

White House Chief of Staff was on hand after the vote, which passed 217-213, and had a pretty confused metaphor for The Hill's Molly Hooper, on President Donald Trump's involvement in getting the healthcare bill through this step.

Touchback! Clearly, Reince isn't much of a football guy, which is fine! However, that's pretty strange coming from someone who grew up in Green Bay, Wisconsin of all places, and has previously tweeted about being a Packers fan. He also went to law school at Miami in the late-90s. One would think he would have absorbed enough football by proxy to know that punting the ball through the end zone is not exactly the goal. Naturally, Twitter is going off on Priebus.

Better luck with the next sports metaphor, Reince. Update: Hooper corrected her quote. Apparently Priebus actually said "punch the ball," not "punt."

That definitely makes a bit more sense. Granted, the true end zone is the in the Senate, but we'll give Priebus a pass on this one.