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Report: Jay Cutler Joins FOX Sports As An Analyst

Jay Cutler is headed to the broadcast booth.

First it was Tony Romo, and now Jay Cutler. The former Chicago Bears quarterback is headed to the broadcast booth. Cutler auditioned for a role with FOX Sports recently, and now has a two-year deal with the company as an NFL analyst.

ESPN's Jeff Darlington released a statement from Cutler. Here's a portion of that statement:

I don't know if retirement is the right word; I don't feel that anyone ever really retires from the NFL. You are either forced to leave, or you lose the desire to do what's required to keep going.

Here is the full statement from Cutler:

Cutler is the second big-name quarterback to leave the NFL for the broadcast booth this spring. Just last month, Tony Romo took a job with CBS as the No. 1 color analyst.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, Cutler had discussions with the New York Jets and to a lesser extent, the Houston Texans, before leaving the NFL.

If this is the end of his career, Cutler threw for over 30,000 yards, 208 touchdowns, and 146 interceptions during his 11 seasons in the League with the Denver Broncos and Chicago Bears.