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Report: NFL Admits Brice Butler Penalty Shouldn't Have Been Called (Update)

The penalty was a significant one, but it reportedly shouldn't have been called.

The NFL has reportedly admitted to multiple teams that the Brice Butler huddle penalty should not have been called on the Cowboys, according to Michael Lombardi.

A 15-yard penalty was called on the Cowboys because the refs said Butler was part of a huddle but then left the field and wasn't part of the play. Here's the huddle.

The penalty obviously didn't "lose" the Cowboys the game, but it was a pretty significant one.

Before the penalty, Dallas had a 2nd and 5 at Green Bay's 37-yard line, appearing to be in good position to at least get a field goal (or better).

The penalty pushed the Cowboys back to their own 48-yard line and, after two incomplete passes, Dallas was way out of field goal range and was forced to punt.

The Cowboys went on to lose, 34-31.

Update: The NFL, actually, says the call was correct.

So there you go.