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Report Of NFL QB Joe Flacco's Death Is A Hoax

Don't worry, NFL fans. Baltimore Ravens star quarterback Joe Flacco is alive and well, despite what one fan account tweeted late Wednesday night.

A Twitter account dedicated to Baltimore franchise, named Ravens Nation Live, tweeted out that Flacco had passed away following a car crash. The tweet was live for an hour, and fans, obviously, were worried - despite nothing official coming from the team.

">June 23, 2016

">June 23, 2016

Eventually, the tweet was deleted, and the account posted an update. Ravens Nation Live says it was hacked, and that Flacco is not dead.

Flacco himself had fun with the whole thing this morning, tweeting out a scene from HBO's Game of Thrones - implying that he's come back to life, like Jon Snow.

There's nothing quite like a social media death hoax - just ask Roger Goodell. We're glad to hear this story didn't turn out to be true.