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Richard Sherman Goes On SVP & Russillo, Says He "Could Have Worded Things Better" Regarding Crabtree

The interview of a lifetime.

By now, you've no doubt seen the post-game rant from Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman right after he made the game-winning play of Sunday's NFC Championship Game. While reaction continue to pour in, Sherman himself has now weighed in on what happened - he went on SVP & Russillo Monday afternoon and was very frank about how he handled the situation:

"Well I mean, I don't really have a reaction, truthfully man. I mean, obviously, you know, in the heat of the moment, everything happens like that. You know, it is what it is. You know, I obviously could have worded things better and you know, I could have obviously had a better reaction and done things differently. But, it is what it is now, and people's reactions are what they are."

Here's audio, via ESPN:

It's hard to know what to think here. While it's definitely understandable that Sherman was hyped up after leading his team to the Super Bowl, he does have a history of making brash statements. Either way, we're all going to get to know Sherman much better over the next two weeks.