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Richard Sherman Pens New Sports Illustrated Piece: "10 Things I Learned" Following NFC Championship Rant


Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman's life has been an absolute whirlwind in the past nine days. After orchestrating the game-clinching interception to send his team to the Super Bowl, Sherman went off to Erin Andrews about Michael Crabtree in an interview for FOX Sports, calling his opponent a "mediocre receiver" that has no business talking trash to him.

Certainly, that rant has been the talk of the sports world for over a week now, and it has brought Sherman further into the spotlight than ever before. He stands to make an estimated $5 million off of his 15 seconds of super-fame in endorsements alone, and he has already used his platform to talk about social issues. Of course, many still wonder one thing: If Sherman had the chance to back in time, would he handle things the same way and do it all again?

Today, he reflected on the whole incident and everything that has transpired since, and wrote a piece for Sports Illustrated, titled "10 Things I Learned After America Learned About Me." He discusses a number of things, such as how the violence of the NFL takes a toll on players, how the stage is bigger than he thought it was, and how Pete Carroll is an emotional rock. At the end, he also addresses the question that everyone wants answered:

10. If I could turn back the clock … Maybe I deserved a fine under today’s rules, but back when football was raw and unsanitized, the same things they fined guys for now were the aspects of the game that people loved. The NFL once allowed players to live in the moment and be entertainers. I may have been wrong in my gestures, but if I had to do it all again, I’d probably do some of the same things. It was a big moment, and it was how I felt at the time.

You can read the full piece here.