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Robert Griffin III Reveals If He'd Consider Playing Football Again

Robert Griffin III on the Baltimore Ravens sideline.

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - AUGUST 20: Robert Griffin III #3 of the Baltimore Ravens looks on before a preseason game against the Indianapolis Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium on August 20, 2018 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

Earlier this Wednesday, The Spun caught up with Robert Griffin III to discuss several topics regarding the NFL and college football.

During our conversation with Griffin, we asked if he'd be consider a return to the NFL. This question was sparked by the former No. 2 pick's comments on ESPN's Monday Night Countdown this week. 

When talking about the 49ers' quarterback situation, Griffin said: "Hey Kyle [Shanahan], hit my line. We did it once, we can do it again." 

Griffin didn't shy away from sharing his true feelings about a potential comeback. He'd be open to playing in the NFL again. 

"Yeah, it would have to be the right situation. You know, we have fun on that [Monday Night Countdown] set and the guys like to bust my chops about playing or not. I am 32. I'm a lot younger than Steve Young, and Booger could never tackle me when he was playing anyway. So, we we have a good time there. But I wanna fully maximize what I can out of broadcasting, and if you can't tell, I'm having a ton of fun with it," Griffin told The Spun. "When you see stuff like what happened to Tua in last Sunday’s game and your family is on edge every time you step on a football field, those are things that you have to take into account. But for me, it has to be the right situation."

So, what's the right situation for Griffin? He listed a few teams that he'd consider.  

"... If Kyle called in San Fran or if Seattle or Dallas when Dak [Prescott] went down, that's something that I would certainly entertain. I train every day and make sure I'm ready to go when my number is called. But it's not something that I'm necessarily waiting on. I'm trying to build out the rest of my life while I continue to train and be ready if that call comes. I'll be ready to go out there and dazzle on the football field again."

Griffin last played for the Baltimore Ravens in 2020. He also played for the Washington Commanders and Cleveland Browns. 

As a rookie, Griffin had 3,200 passing yards, 20 touchdown passes and five interceptions. It was an excellent start to his career. 

Unfortunately, injuries prevented Griffin from reaching his full potential in the NFL. 

At 32 years old, Griffin could potentially provide a veteran presence to a team in need of depth at quarterback.