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SI Swimsuit Model Has Brutally Honest Admission On Dating Athletes

Samantha Hoopes on the red carpet of a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit event.

Getty Images.

We've seen some notable Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model-professional athlete relationships over the years. 

Most recently, Camille Kostek is dating Rob Gronkowski, while Christen Harper is engaged to Detroit Lions quarterback Jared Goff.

Not everyone is up for dating a professional athlete, though. 

Longtime Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue model Samantha Hoopes revealed to TMZ Sports a couple of years ago why she no longer dates athletes.

"I think it's less risky, more quiet," Hoopes said of not dating athletes. 

"They're messy."

Hoopes has been among the most popular of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue models.

You can view her full galleries here.