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Sports Media World Reacts To Mike Golic's Honest Admission

Mike Golic and his daughter, Sydney.

Getty Images.

There are few bigger sports radio experts than Mike Golic, who co-hosted arguably the most-successful sports radio show of all-time for ESPN for several years.

Golic, who co-hosted "Mike & Mike" for ESPN with Mike Greenberg, believes something is missing from today's sports radio shows.


Golic took to Twitter this week to highlight a segment from his son's show.

"This is sooo good…..this is what radio is missing in todays shows…’s ok to have a little fun, then talk sports," he admitted.

Few sports radio shows do fun better than Dan Le Batard and Co., though they're no longer on the radio every day.

"Sports talk radio used to be so entertaining. Now it’s just (crap)," one fan tweeted.

"Agree 100 percent," one fan added.

Do you agree with Golic?