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Stephen A. Smith Gets Into It With Seattle Seahawks Star Michael Bennett

A war of words has been brewing between Stephen A. Smith and Michael Bennett.

Seahawks defensive lineman Michael Bennett took to Twitter Thursday afternoon in response to ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith. The move did not help to quell the apparently quickly-growing feud between the two.

It started Wednesday when Stephen A. Smith devoted a segment of his show to criticize Bennett for his public support of free agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Smith called out Kaepernick for his protests and refusing to vote in the 2016 election.

Here's footage of that segment.

Bennett fired back on Twitter shortly after Stephen A.'s outburst on First Take. The Seahawks lineman called Smith "weak" for what he said during the episode.

That was only the beginning for Bennett, who further defended himself with a lengthy statement aimed at Stephen A. Smith. In the post, Bennett wrote that he realized that responding would only draw more attention to Smith but that “you are spreading so much ignorance that it’s hard to be silent.” He went on to call Smith a "clown." Here's the full post.

Stephen A. announced on First Take that he will address his issue with Micahel Bennett "one last time" on this morning's show.