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Steve Smith Reveals What His Mindset Was In The NFL

Steve Smith talks with Panthers quarterback Cam Newton.

Throughout his 16-year NFL career, wide receiver Steve Smith displayed a toughness that belied his 5-foot-9, 195-pound frame.

Smith played with a chip on his shoulder, which helped drive him to five Pro Bowl appearances and two first-team All-Pro selections. When he retired following the 2016 season, Smith had amassed 14,731 receiving yards and 81 receiving touchdowns.

In a recent appearance on "The Colin Cowherd Podcast," Smith made it clear he was not going to be buddy-buddy with any of his opponents, telling Cowherd that he doesn't miss the camaraderie of playing in the NFL.

"I wasn't here to be your friend," Smith said. "Because when I turned on the light switch and played ball and go against defenders, I don't give a f--k about your family. I don't care how your wife and kids are doing."

Now, this approach doesn't work for every player, and that's okay, You don't have to put up that shell and have that mentality to be a quality NFL player.

It certainly worked for Steve Smith though.