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Terrell Owens Trolls Brett Favre: NFL World Reacts

A closeup of Terrell Owens at practice.

GEORGETOWN, KY - JULY 31: Terrell Owens #81 of the Cincinnati Bengals is pictured during the Bengals training camp at Georgetown College on July 31, 2010 in Georgetown, Kentucky. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

Former Packers quarterback Brett Favre is currently involved in a Mississippi welfare scandal. 

A report surfaced this month that showed Favre having conversations with former Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant and several others. Per the lawsuit, they were trying to build a volleyball facility for Southern Mississippi. 

The money that Bryant and Favre allegedly used was supposed to be for low-income families. Instead, that money was used for the wrong reasons. 

Hall of Fame wide receiver Terrell Owens reacted to the Favre news by posting a meme on Twitter.

Most of Owens' followers on Twitter found this post amusing. 

"Thank you TO for putting this out there," one fan tweeted. "Im so sick of people not talking about Brett frauding the poorest state in the nation. If this was you or Antonio Brown that had done this it would be on every television network worldwide. But Brett has the complexion for the protection."

"This is wild," another fan wrote. 

Owens isn't the only former NFL star who has called out Favre. 

Last week, Shannon Sharpe put Favre on blast during an episode of FS1's Undisputed. 

"You got to be a sorry mofo to steal from the lowest - Mississippi is the poorest state in our country," Sharpe said. "Brett Favre is taking from the underserved. You made $100+ million in the NFL."

Favre's legal team has denied all wrongdoing in this situation.