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The NFL World Is Thinking Of Alex Smith's Family Sunday

Alex Smith's wife, Elizabeth, shares a new video.


The NFL world is thinking of Alex Smith and his family this weekend. 

Earlier this weekend, the former NFL starting quarterback revealed that his daughter underwent surgery for an extremely rare, malignant tumor. 

"This has been by far the most challenging time we have EVER been through. We know it’s not over and we have a journey ahead of us, but without all of you we could not have gotten this far. We are sorry if we seem withdrawn. It’s because we are… We have been inundated with doctors appointments, scans, labs and trying our best to navigate through this. Most importantly, we’re healing together as a family," Alex Smith wrote on Instagram.

Our thoughts are with Alex Smith, his wife and kids during this scary time. 

NFL fans are thinking of Smith and his family this weekend.

We continue to think of Alex Smith and his family.