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This Old Tweet Predicted The Super Bowl Outcome

An Eagles fan's tweet about Nick Foles and Tom Brady.

An old tweet is going viral.

The Super Bowl is over. Tom Brady and the Patriots lost at the hands of Nick Foles and the Eagles.

It was an unlikely outcome, but a hell of a game. Philadelphia controlled much of the early game, but New England scored two minutes before halftime to cut the Eagles' lead to 15-12.

Just over a minute later, Nick Foles caught a touchdown pass to put the Eagles up 22-12 at the half. No, you didn't read that incorrectly, Nick Foles, a quarterback, caught a touchdown pass.

A series of back-and-forth scores led to a scintillating final few minutes of game action. In the end, a Hail Mary from Tom Brady fell to the ground and Philly walked out with a 41-33 win -- its first Super Bowl win ever.

Eagles superstar quarterback Carson Wentz sat on the sideline as Nick Foles carried the Eagles to victory. The backup quarterback didn't take over for Wentz until the end of the season, when Wentz suffered a torn ACL.

However, months earlier, someone predicted Nick Foles would beat Tom Brady in the Super Bowl. No really, check it out.

When dreams become reality...

Congratulations to the Eagles on their first Super Bowl win.