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Titans vs. Jaguars Prediction, Preview, Spread, Channel

Looking for a Titans vs. Jaguars prediction and preview? Stick around. We’ve got all of the pre-game analysis before the match-up.

Saturday, December 24, the Tennessee Titans (8-6) take on the Jacksonville Jaguars (2-12). The game will be played at EverBank Field in Jacksonville, Florida. Read on for our Titans vs. Jaguars prediction and preview.

According to ESPN’s matchup predictor, which is based on its FPI rating, Tennessee wins the match-up between the two teams 53.0 percent of the time. The spread also suggests that the Titans are favored to win the contest.

Spread: Titans -5

Game Time: 1:00 p.m. ET

Channel: CBS

Titans vs. Jaguars preview:

The Titans haven't made the playoffs since 2008, but they have a legitimate shot this year after having won their third in a row on Sunday with a last-second field goal to beat the Kansas City Chiefs. You read that right: The Titans beat the Chiefs. If they win out, they win the AFC South. Marcus Mariota has been absolutely phenomenal the second half of the season. The last time these two teams faced off, Mariota went for 270 yards and two touchdowns as they cruised to a 36-22 win.

The Jaguars lost their ninth in a row, and fans everywhere had Christmas come early with a nice Gus Bradley firing. It was long overdue for a team as talented as the Jaguars (I know, I know, but on paper they've got some potential). Last week they had two opportunities in the closing minutes to beat the Texans, and, you know, show people they weren't complete garbage, but Blake Bortles made sure to piss those hopes away with several poor passes and, finally, an interception to top it all off. It feels like this team will never turn the corner.

Titans vs. Jaguars prediction:

The Titans are winning this game. They're hot right now, and they've got playoff aspirations. With something to play for and a competent quarterback, the Titans get it done and move one step closer to winning the AFC South.

Titans 24, Jaguars 13