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Tom Brady Addresses Speculation About His Future With Patriots

Tom Brady in Netflix's show "Living With Yourself."


Questions about Tom Brady's NFL future are nothing new. The fact that they're coming up in the middle of a season in which the New England Patriots are undefeated and look totally dominant is interesting though.

We've had plenty of past speculation about the future of the relationships between the franchise's three major players: Brady, the superstar quarterback, head coach Bill Belichick, and owner Robert Kraft. There have been whispers and rumors, but no definitive reports, that the Brady/Belichick relationship isn't as rosy as it may have once been.

Now, as New England seems destined to head to yet another Super Bowl, ESPN's Adam Schefter has lifted the cover off of the notion that it may be Brady's final year with the Patriots. He broke down the current Brady situation and connected some dots during Monday Night Countdownearlier this week:

“When we talk about Tom and his future, let’s look at some simple things,” Schefter said. “Has he put his home for sale? Yes. Has his trainer put up his home for sale? Yes. Has he set up his contract to void after the season to become a free agent? Yes. So if he’s selling his home and his trainer is selling his home and he’s voiding his contract, what does that tell you?”

None of that means that 2019-20 is definitely his final season in New England, but they certainly look like moves being made by someone who doesn't know what next year may hold.

It would be very jarring to see Brady play elsewhere, and even just his retirement would be a major shakeup to the league, even though it is inevitable at some point. Now, days after Schefter's speculation, ESPN's Marcus Spears has put it on the record that he believes Brady is "done" after this year.

Typically, you'd see a player shoot something like this down pretty forcefully. Tom Brady hopped on The Greg Hill Show on WEEI and didn't really do that at all.

“That is the great part for me, I don’t know," Brady said. "I think that has been a unique situation that I have been in because I think when you commit to a team for a certain amount of years you kind feel like (there is) the responsibility to always fulfill the contract. For me, it’s been good because I am just taking it day-by-day and I am enjoying what I have. I don’t know what the future holds and the great part is for me, football at this point is all borrowed time. I never expected to play 20 years and I am playing on a great team and it’s just been an incredible 20 years of my life. To play for Mr. Kraft, and Jonathan and the Kraft family and for Coach Belichick and to have so much success is a dream come true.

“One day I will wake up and I will feel like, ‘OK, that will be enough.’ When that day comes, that day comes. I don’t know if it will be after this year. I don’t know if it will be five years from now. I don’t have to determine those things right now, either. That is kind of a good part of where I am at. Just take advantage of the opportunities that I have this year and do the very best I can do and then those decisions come at probably more appropriate times."

Taking him at his word, it is interesting that he's made those life moves this year, without having some idea of where things will go for him. Of course, I wouldn't count out Tom Brady to play five more years, either, especially with how things have gone for him so far in 2019.

The Patriots host the Cleveland Browns at 4:25 p.m. ET.