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Trey Lance Reveals The 2 Players He Idolized Growing Up

Trey Lance warms up on the field.

Trey Lance is a little over a week away from achieving his lifelong dream of making the NFL. As of now, the North Dakota State quarterback is projected to be a top-1o pick in this year's draft.

Earlier this week, Lance sat down with ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit to discuss which players he modeled his game after growing up. It turns out one of the two players Lance idolized wasn't even a quarterback.

Lance told Herbstreit that he grew up idolizing Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow and future Hall of Fame running back Adrian Peterson.

Though his game isn't that similar to either player, Lance loved how both players ran the football.

“Growing up, Adrian Peterson was like my guy,” Lance said, via 247Sports. “Obviously, I was a running back at the time. Then, it was Tim Tebow. I was a huge Tim Tebow guy. Tim Tebow was still my guy. Read all his books. Still to this day a huge fan of him as a football player and a person as well. My dad was actually a Florida State fan, so naturally I had to become a Gator fan.”

Tebow was an icon during his days at Florida, so it's not surprising to hear that Lance idolized him. Besides, they both classify as dual-threat quarterbacks.

Lance proved that he can be really successful running the football during the 2019 season, as he had 169 carries for 1,100 yards and 14 touchdowns.

Where Lance separates himself from other quarterbacks, like Tebow, is that he can be extremely accurate at times and can stretch the field vertically. He completed 66.9 percent of his passes in 2019 for 2,786 yards, 28 touchdowns and zero interceptions.

The NFL world will find out where Lance's pro career will begin on April 29.