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Trey Lance Sends Clear Message Ahead Of The NFL Draft

Trey Lance warms up on the field.

Trey Lance has all the tools to become a a starting quarterback in the NFL, but teams may be a bit hesitant to take a chance on the former North Dakota Star in the upcoming 2021 NFL Draft. There's a few obvious reasons why.

First, Lance competed at the FCS level. Sure, he put up insanely impressive numbers. The former North Dakota State quarterback threw for 2,786 yards, ran for 1,100 yards and combined for 42 scores in the 2019 season. But it's worth noting his toughest competition that year was James Madison.

Another concern NFL teams may have about Lance is his lack of experience. He played in just one game this past season because of the pandemic, meaning the last time he played in an actual football game was Oct. 3 of 2020.

Despite all the drawbacks, Lance is ready to prove his doubters wrong. He admitted as much in an interview with NFL Network this month.

“Yeah, hearing those for me, it’s honestly exciting — I get to prove people wrong again,” Lance said, via Pro Football Talk. “[That’s] something I feel like I just continue to do and I want to continue to do. So I’m definitely excited to be able to prove people wrong and come in and be ready to go whatever the situation is, whenever the coaching staff sees fit."

It's worth noting the FCS has produced NFL quarterbacks in the past. Carson Wentz is one of them, though his recent drop-off is a bit concerning.

Regardless, NFL teams are clearly willing to look past the knocks against Trey Lance. He has a chance to be a top-five pick this week.

The 2021 NFL Draft commences this Thursday at 8 p.m. ET on ESPN.