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NFL World Praying For Rookie Wide Receiver Sunday

Titans rookie wide receiver Treylon Burks.

The NFL World is praying for Tennessee Titans rookie wide receiver Treylon Burks on Sunday afternoon.

Burks, a first-round pick in the 2022 NFL Draft, took a huge hit on a touchdown catch in the first half of Sunday's game against the Eagles.

It didn't look good.

"Damn, hope Treylon Burks is okay. Took a massive shot while making an amazing touchdown catch and then stayed down," Dov Kleiman tweeted.

The NFL World is now praying for the Titans wide receiver on Sunday afternoon.

"Warning Graphic: Titans receiver Treylon Burks catches a touchdown and takes a huge shot, but hangs onto the ball while motionless. These players are so incredibly tough. Prayers u,' one fan wrote.

"Hoping Burks is ok . He got hit in the head and hasn’t moved in the endzone prayers up ! You hate to see this type of injury," another fan wrote.

"Prayers up for Treylon Burks. Unreal concentration to hold on for TD. Was glad to see him walk off afterward," one fan added.

"Great catch by Treylon Burks, prayers for him… it looks real bad," another fan wrote.

"Oh my goodness. Prayers for Treylon Burks," another fan wrote.

Burks is now reportedly being evaluated for a concussion.