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TV Ratings For ESPN's Monday Night Games Are Out - They're Rough

Two generic NFL footballs.

(Photo by Buda Mendes/Getty Images)

TV ratings are in for Monday night's games - and the numbers aren't great. Now, the first contest between the Detroit Lions and New York Jets isn't sexy, but that doesn't excuse the poor numbers.

A common discussion during the 2017 NFL season centered around ratings - much do to the discussion from President Trump and controversy surrounding the national anthem. Trump touted the declining ratings on several occasions, blaming protests during the national anthem for the drop in viewership.

After the first weekend of NFL games, the narrative surrounding a drop in ratings may have some legs. Monday night's action between the Lions and Jets and the late night game between the Oakland Raiders and Los Angeles Rams left much to be desired.

The Jets-Lions game drew a 7.5 rating, while the Rams-Raiders drew 7.0

TV and digital metrics insider Austin Karp said the ratings were the worst in "at least a dozen years."

Not a great look for the league as a whole, however, it's important to look at the contributing factors.

While the figure might be disappointing to the league, Jets-Lions isn't the sexiest matchup in the world and wasn't helped by an absolute blowout.