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Twitter Got Crazy And Ugly In Response To Coca-Cola's "It's Beautiful" Super Bowl Commercial

Not cool.

Every year, Coca-Cola produces a few Super Bowl commercials. While they typically don't stand out as exceptional, they are usually light-hearted and fun, never receiving much criticism. This year, however, Coke's ad brought out a very surprising, and almost scary amount of vitriol, which is strange when you consider that the ad was clearly a positive one:

TIMEdescribed the ad perfectly:

Coca Cola’s entry into the Super Bowl ad campaign had a message that was, as it were, Coke Classic: it celebrated the many kinds, colors, lifestyles and origins of Americans who are nonetheless one. Over a scene of these many Americans, it played a patriotic song: not the National Anthem, but the more accessible, singable “America the Beautiful.” It showed us a panoply of American faces, young, old, brown, white, straight, gay (it included what are said to be the first gay parents depicted in a Super Bowl ad), in cowboy hats and hijabs, playing, eating, and exploring all-American vistas.

It was maybe a little sappy, but it was also, well, beautiful, as was the music, sung in a succession of single voices and languages.

Unfortunately, many Americans decided that they didn't like the ad because apparently "true Americans" only speak English -- many viewed it as unpatriotic, and #cokesucks and #boycottcoke both went trending on Twitter:

To be clear, America is a pretty diverse country that has been built upon a mix of cultures and people for over 200 years -- the tweets above just showcase an irrational lack of acceptance of diversity. I have a feeling that Coke is going to do quite well in sales in the near future -- there are a lot of rational people out there too that haven't lost their minds: